Want to Hire a Headhunter

to Get Your Dream Job?

Have you been getting interviews for the jobs you want? Many people dream of hiring a Headhunter that has seen all aspects of the market to thoughtfully craft their next career move.

How It Works

Want to Hire a Headhunter to Get Your Dream Job

We will help you to find your dream job easily, let us
help you manage everything you need

Optimized strategic job search campaigns designed by experienced internet marketers. Tired of the salesy and shady Headhunter services? We are too

We are experienced recruiters and internet marketers that hack the job market to create and implement a job search lead generation campaign that gets results -- as quickly as five days - guaranteed

What Hire-a-Headhunter
Has to Offer

Hire-a-Headhunter are recruiters that know the job market. You tell them what you want, they develop a solution, and then drive job interviews straight into your email and telephone.


A job search is a lead generation marketing campaign. We optimize to get calls for the jobs you want. What leads is your search getting you now?


Your job search campaign generates requests for interviews within 5-10 business days- GUARANTEED


Exceptional tracking of employers, requests for interview, job details, and conversion rates.


There is a formula to phone screens and in-person interviews and we are going to teach it to you for maximum conversion.


Have a concern? Your Headhunter is available during normal business hours, evenings and weekends by appointment.


Your Headhunter is Stacked Certified - the cutting edge solution proven to create life-changing career pivots.

Hear it from our clients

Em U
Em U
I am incredibly thankful to Susan Byrne at Hire-a-Headhunter for her exceptional assistance and top-tier coaching throughout my job search journey. From the moment I connected with her, I knew I was in capable hands. Susan's expertise has been instrumental in propelling my career goals forward. Her personalized guidance and insightful coaching for interviews have truly been game-changing. The skills she imparted are not just tools for the moment, but valuable assets that I will carry with me for a lifetime. Upon engaging Susan's services, I gained an unwavering confidence for interviews across various platforms and industries. Her coaching has not only boosted my self-assurance but has also equipped me with the knowledge and techniques to excel in any interview scenario. What sets Susan apart is her genuine commitment to her clients' success. Her strategies are both effective AND empowering, and she goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are well-prepared and positioned for success. I wholeheartedly recommend Susan to anyone ready to progress and elevate their career to new heights. Her expertise, dedication, and proven track record make her an invaluable asset in your job campaign. Working with Susan has been a turning point in my job search. Her guidance, coaching, and support have led to a significant increase in interview traffic, leading me to finally secure my dream job!!!!!!
Aaron Einhorn
Aaron Einhorn
I had a great experience with Hire-a-Headhunter with Susan Byrne running my campaign. Even though we were in a slow job market, she helped me land a position in a new field that was fully remote and had a significant salary increase from my previous job. She crafted an effective campaign strategy, provided me guidance and ample resources to succeed, and was responsive to my questions/concerns that needed immediate attention. I definitely recommend Susan’s services.
Matt Robinson
Matt Robinson
The team is amazing. Super responsive and the team helps find you a career, not just another job. The coaching I received helped me land the job I was looking for. Great service!
Sherrod Williams
Sherrod Williams
Excellent experience. Made my transition from military to civilian work life an easy one.
Mary Morley
Mary Morley
Working with Hire-a-headhunter was absolutely life & career changing. They generated literally hundreds of leads for me and I had numerous offers. They also coached me and helped me navigate the market to find my dream job. Hands down the BEST recruiters I have ever worked with.
Chris Tracy
Chris Tracy
Susan and team were excellent to work with. I was kept informed through every step of the process and the prep meetings before an interview were extremely valuable. I would highly recommend Susan and her team.
Frasier Butts
Frasier Butts
Susan Byrne and the team helped me land my dream job! They managed the application process, built my resume, and Susan provided invaluable interview advice and coaching. I’ll be recommending Susan to anyone I know looking to make a career move.
John Royle
John Royle
Susan makes miracles happen. I was stuck in a job I was over qualified for and unhappy in. We talked for an hour on a 20 minute introductory call and apparently I pulled at her heart strings. She moved heaven, earth and everything in between to secure me interviews. I'm not talking 1 or 2... I'm talking 1 or 2 a day. For a month straight. I ended up doing 12 hour days at work, and 2 hours of interviewing daily. Man that got old quick. But it paid off. After about 3 weeks the offers started coming in. Best piece of advice I can give you, hire Susan, yesterday. Use the offer letters to negotiate to the job you want the most. We went from looking at 100-120k jobs to signing on the dotted line for 150k and politely turning down several six figure positions. Susan made a miracle happen for me and I know she can do it for you too. 12 stars on a scale to 5.

Listen to our


Your Headhunter is Stacked Certified – the cutting edge solution proven to create life-changing career pivots.


Our founder, Dr. Karen Gurney, designed a service that cuts through the noise in the job market to deliver leads for the jobs you want and coaching services that convert.

From the very first day, we create a shared campaign login for 100% transparency. We build the campaign strategy and do the grunt work to execute the outreach while you work, rest, or play. You revel in all that work being done for you. The campaign specification yields a 5-10% hit rate. Meaning 5-10 interviews in the first 30-days. Now we need to do some leadership coaching. We give you the formula and narrative to achieve your goals.

Our goal is to get you MASSIVE results. We don’t like lame campaigns or unhappy customers. Dr. Karen Gurney

Dr. Gurney is the author of the best-selling book Stacked: Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock LinkedIn. She has 20 years of combined experience in talent management. She leverages a Doctorate in Economic and Workforce Development and a Masters in Business Administration. Dr. Gurney’s work has been featured on major U.S. news networks and she currently has eight online classes that teach career and business strategies in over 100 countries assisting over 20,000 students in their career pursuits.

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