Want to Hire a Headhunter to Get Your Dream Job?

Have you been getting interviews for the jobs you want? Many people dream of hiring a Headhunter that has seen all aspects of the market to thoughtfully craft their next career move.

Your time has finally come to have a strategic navigator drive the right jobs straight to you. You can start getting calls as quickly as five days - guaranteed.

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What Hire-a-Headhunter Has to Offer

Hire-a-Headhunter are recruiters that know the job market. You tell them what you want, they develop a solution, and then drive job interviews straight into your email and telephone.


A job search is a lead generation marketing campaign. We optimize to get calls for the jobs you want. What leads is your search getting you now?


Your job search campaign generates requests for interviews within 5-10 business days- GUARANTEED


Exceptional tracking of employers, requests for interview, job details, and conversion rates. 


There is a formula to phone screens and in-person interviews and we are going to teach it to you for maximum conversion.


Have a concern? Your Headhunter is available during normal business hours, evenings and weekends by appointment.


Your Headhunter is Stacked Certified - the cutting edge solution proven to create life-changing career pivots.

Want to Hire a Headhunter to Get Your Dream Job

Optimized strategic job search campaigns designed by experienced internet marketers. Tired of the salesy and shady Headhunter services? We are too.

We are experienced recruiters and internet marketers that hack the job market to create and implement a job search lead generation campaign that gets results -- as quickly as five days - guaranteed.

Testimonials from LinkedIn


Lynn Allen

Executive Director

Following my Master's degree I was getting calls but not for the types of jobs that I wanted. My headhunter improved not only the quantity of the roles but, on average, the positions paid $40,000 to $60,000 more than the opportunities I was getting prior to our engagement.


Carl Tu

Director of Finance

The headhunters have a unique talent to understand and interpret the human psychology of hiring great people. Quirky, tactical and highly effective strategies bring some of the most successful outcomes I have ever seen in the employment field.


Cassie Smith

Senior Manager

Working with my headhunter was truly an asset to me, especially since I had not been "on the market" for over 10 years. With their help, I was able to land an exciting opportunity with a great company in less than 2 months resulting in a dramatic increase in my market of choice.


Our founder, Dr. Karen Gurney, designed a service that cuts through the noise in the job market to deliver leads for the jobs you want and coaching services that convert.

From the very first day, we create a shared campaign login for 100% transparency. We build the campaign strategy and do the grunt work to execute the outreach while you work, rest, or play. You revel in all that work being done for you. The campaign specification yields a 5-10% hit rate. Meaning 5-10 interviews in the first 30-days. Now we need to do some leadership coaching. We give you the formula and narrative to achieve your goals.

Our goal is to get you MASSIVE results. We don't like lame campaigns or unhappy customers. Dr. Karen Gurney

Dr. Gurney is the author of the best-selling book Stacked: Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock LinkedIn. She has 20 years of combined experience in talent management. She leverages a Doctorate in Economic and Workforce Development and a Masters in Business Administration. Dr. Gurney's work has been featured on major U.S. news networks and she currently has eight online classes that teach career and business strategies in over 100 countries assisting over 20,000 students in their career pursuits.

Hire a Headhunter to get your Dream Job

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John Royle

We went from looking at $100-$120k jobs to signing on the dotted line for $150k and politely turning down several 6-figure roles. 12 stars on a scale to 5.

Jill Rito

If I could give Hire a Headhunter 10 stars I would...a game changer. I can’t recommend the service highly enough!

Bill Bahr

The leads quickly came pouring in but that is only the half of it! The custom materials made the difference. I believe this is money well spent.