Want to Hire a Headhunter to Get Your Dream Job

Have you been getting interviews for the jobs you want? Many people dream of hiring a Headhunter that has seen all aspects of the market to thoughtfully craft their next career move.

Your time has finally come to have a strategic navigator drive the right jobs straight to you. You can start getting calls as quickly as five days - guaranteed.

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What Hire-a-Headhunter Has to Offer

Hire-a-Headhunter are recruiters that know the job market. You tell them what you want, they develop a solution, and then drive job interviews straight into your email and telephone.


Your profiles are only great if they are getting you calls for the jobs you want. What are your profiles getting you now?


Your job search generates requests for interviews within 5-10 business days- GUARANTEED


Exceptional tracking of employers, requests for interview, job details, and conversion rates. 


There is a formula to phone screens and in-person interviews and we are going to teach it to you for maximum conversion.


Have a concern? Your Headhunter is available during normal business hours, evenings and weekends by appointment.


Your Headhunter is Stacked Certified - the cutting edge solution proven to create life-changing career pivots.

Want to Hire a Headhunter to Get Your Dream Job

A Headhunter listens to your needs and implements a strategy. We are not 'just' a resume and LinkedIn service that makes a stagnant product that does nothing.  

We are experienced recruiters and talent professionals that create and implement a job search campaign that gets results -- as quickly as five days - guaranteed.

What are people saying about Hire-a-Headhunter?

I had multiple interviews in 30 days after months of hearing nothing. My Headhunter delivered.

Joe Weber - Entrepreneur-to-Employee Success

Message from the CEO

CEO Hire-a-Headhunter

"The career pivots we are empowering are nothing short of extraordinary. There is no other service with the ability to change lives via strategic career moves.

Where else can you find a Headhunter that can get you a $20K+ income leap? Not everyone is focused on income growth -- we also specialize in title increases, relocations, shifts from entrepreneur-to-employee; industry and profession changes. We have helped professionals solve major challenges from achieving more recognition to covering gaps for caregivers.

Some professionals solely want their job search done for them. We save you time , money, and stress."

We think you are worth it, and we hope you do too. Dr. Karen Gurney

Dr. Gurney is the author of the best-selling book Stacked: Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock LinkedIn. She has 20 years of combined experience in talent management. She leverages a Doctorate in Economic and Workforce Development and a Masters in Business Administration. Dr. Gurney's work has been featured on major U.S. news networks and she currently has eight online classes that teach career and business strategies in over 100 countries assisting over 13,000 students in their career pursuits.

Hire a Headhunter to get your Dream Job

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